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Scented Salts

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Scented Salts

Our Sel Parfume (Scented Salt) is a safe and clean way to provide long lasting scent to your home without the need for flame and minimal clean up.

This aromatic blend of all natural sea salt and luxurious phthalate-free fragrance oils along with exotic herbs and dried flowers, allow for a long-lasting release of relaxing scent without the worries of fire hazard.

    • Each 16 oz. package can provide over 2 weeks of scent
    • 1 Tablespoon provides 12 hours of consistent scent
    • Lingers long after the warmer is turned off
    • Discard and wipe the warmer with a wet paper towel *once scent diminishes*
  • Not intended for use in the bath
  • Do not eat

Recommended use of an electric wax warmer (not included) is necessary, but a ceramic wax warmer can be utilized.