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The Ascension Candle was inspired by the song "Rise Up".

Luxurious coconut blended wax is infused with bright top notes of apple, lemongrass and bay leaf, then give way to middle notes of lilac and patchouli. The sweet bottom notes of tobacco and sugar relay a brightness that can only convey eternal optimism.

This candle should come with a warning label that says "Lighting this candle is hazardous to negativity and bad moods".

11 oz. candles come with an additional removable flower melt that can be placed on a wax warmer.

  • 40 hour burn time on 9 oz
  • 50 hour burn time on 11 oz
  • Wax melt is approx 3 oz
  • 9 oz sizes do not come with the additional melt
  • Remove wax melt and trim wick, before burning candle