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How often should I burn my candle?

You should burn your candle as much as you like, but we recommend it never burn more than 3-4 hours, and NEVER unattended. 

How strong should my candle smell?

Depending on size a 2 oz tin should have a throw that fills a bathroom, small bedroom can be filled by our 9 oz. A larger room like a living room or large Master can be filled with an 11 oz. Burning your candle near a ventilation system, staircase or fan will impact scent throw.

What are some candle rules of thumb that I should follow?

  • Always remove the flower wax melt and trim your wick before burning your 11 oz candle!
  • Please keep out of drafts, out of reach of children and  away from pets.
  • Always trim your wick before and after each use. The part that has been burned should be cut to retain a clean burn at all times.
  • Be careful when trimming your wick. Trimming it closer than 1/4 inch may result in a small flame and an uneven burn.
  • When possible, please use wick trimmers to trim your candles, and snuffers to extinguish your candles. A snuffer will reduce excess carbon and allow the fragrance to remain instead of the scent of melted wax.
  • Never handle a burning candle, or blow out the flame as it may cause hot wax to burn you. If possible, use a snuffer or wick dipper to dip the wick into the wax and extinguish it.
  • Always read and follow the instructions attached to the bottom of each candle or care card.

Where can I reach someone with questions/concerns about my candle?

Our contact form here or is your place for answers. We will address your concerns as quickly as we receive them.

What your return/refund policy?

Please review our full return / refund policy here.

What is your exchange policy?

Exchanges are only allowed on unused and unopened products. Clothing items are not eligible for exchange due to COVID health policies. Please ensure sizing is correct before ordering. If you have any questions regarding a clothing item, please send an email to and we will gladly assist you!

How do I use my Sel Parfume?

Sel Parfume work by adding a tablespoon of crystals to a wax warmer. As they heat up scent is released. Once scent dissipates, they can be discarded into the trash and the warmer can be wiped with a paper towel.

When are the other products going to be available?

We will be releasing new products throughout the year. Please join our email list to receive updates about our newest releases.

How do Custom Orders Work?

Please review our custom order process here.

How long will it take me to receive my candle(s)?

For more details you may review our shipping policy here. Your candles are made to order. We take 3 days to process and cure your candle before we mail it out. Sel Parfume is shipped out within 2 days of order. You will receive tracking and shipping information once your item is mailed out. Once it is shipped, it is the responsibility of the carrier to ensure the item is received free of damage. Please utilize the tracking number provided to receive the most updated information concerning your package.