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About Us

Restful Awakenings is inspired by the memory of my mother Carmen. She was an amazing mother who in my eyes was Superwoman. She was hardworking and selfless, ultimately causing her mental health and body to suffer. 

Does this sound like someone you know?

When was the last time you took time to relax and rest?

Lack of rest can significantly impact mental health, leading to a greater risk of depression and anxiety.

That's why Restful Awakenings was created.

Restful Awakenings is vegan luxury home fragrances and loungewear, committed to promoting rest as well as mental wellness. I am so committed to this that 10 percent of each candle is going to mental health organizations for advocacy and therapy programs.

I believe that self-care and peace of mind are the greatest acts of love that you can give yourself, and our carefully curated scents can assist you by helping you become more intentional with being well rested.

Each of my products (from the wax we choose to the fragrances we blend) are  clean and sustainable. Then by combining these premium waxes or spa quality sea salt with luxury phthalate free fragrance oils and herbs, we ensure that they bolster relaxation and create the atmosphere for rest. Our loungewear is made of bamboo, known for its amazing antibacterial and insulation qualities. It is also known to be the softest fabric you can ever put on your skin.

I also take great pride in making candles in small batches, taking an intimate approach to your investment in my brand. 

Be intentional with putting yourself first by letting Restful Awakenings set the atmosphere for your mind and body to relax and release.