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Promise Keeper

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Promise Keeper
Promise Keeper
Promise Keeper

The Promise Keeper was inspired by the song "Waymaker".

Luxurious clean burning coconut blended wax is infused with citrus essential oils, including orange and lemon, this subtle yet uplifting blend has top notes of orange with middle notes of jasmine.

The bottom notes of musk, vanilla and sandalwood smooth it all out. 11 oz size comes with additional flower melt, which can be removed and placed on a wax warmer.

  • 40 hour burn time on 9 oz
  • 50 hour burn time on 11 oz
  • Wax melt is approx 3 oz
  • 9 oz does not come with the additional melt
  • Remove wax melt and trim wick, before burning candle


Try lighting this one during your "ME" time or even while enjoying a nice bath to open up your mind to the limitless possibilities of pure relaxation. 

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