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Girl Uninterrupted

violet stevens

A very good friend of mine said something very poignant on social media today. After a much needed and well deserved respite from it, she declared that "although she was absent from it, she was present in life".


I was immediately inclined to review my social media attraction.

Surely, I wasn't addicted to it. I mean I only post daily.  I keep my posts limited to inspiration and motivation. No politics or personal outbursts and attacks.

A Like here, a Love there. 

Maybe a quick article glance. A quick exchange of opinions and thoughts on a post. Brief lingering over some photos and being entertained by the musings on the posts of others.

4 hours later.

Yes, it seems like it's harmless interaction and a minor dalliance into voyeurism. what is it really?

Is it the escape from the mundane tasks of our daily lives that makes social media so intriguing. Perhaps it's the fact that we are really tuning into the lives of others, voluntarily on display?

What we fail to realize, is that our presence on social media and our attraction to it often keeps us from being present in our own lives.

We miss out on the physical and social interactions that keep us grounded, engaged and quite frankly, human.

I have learned to stop lurking on posts and started picking up the phone.

Conversations are priceless.

I've stopped going out to dinner and taking pictures of my meal to post, and have started engaging in conversation while savoring each bite.

It's also allowed me to stop falling victim to comparison mindsets, that usually comes from feelings of inadequacy. Social media relies on one dimensional images to relay a narrative. One that may not often be true.

Don't get me wrong. Social media is great for networking, engagement and keeping in touch, but is it really social if it encourages it all virtually?

Romans 12:2 says "Do not be conformed, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect."

It's time to mark yourself present in the world. Unplug and engage. 

Life happens, but you have to be LIVING it.


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